When summer comes, there is a way to cool the distribution box

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The arrival of summer, let's air conditioning, electric water heater, have a different love! With the popularity of these things, the power consumption is also greatly improved. In order to reduce the line temperature rise and harmonic hazards, prolong the line life and reduce the risk of electrical fire, it is very necessary for the above-mentioned large capacity household appliances to separate circuit distribution, so the existence of distribution box is to prevent some accidents.


In our life, the common distribution box in practical application is embedded, which has the characteristics of beautiful and does not occupy space. But after it is installed, if the box is sealed, it is not easy to dissipate heat. In addition, the most important electrical components used in the distribution box are miniature circuit breakers. When the miniature circuit breakers work normally, they generate heat through current. The mutual influence of heat leads to heat dissipation difficulties, which can not meet the normal use conditions of electrical components. Of course, for some overload current, the use of course is irregular, but you can choose circuit breaker for protection.

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