What is the load carrying distribution box

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Distribution box can be used in some large venues, but also can be used in the family, as a household distribution box. In the distribution box, the end of the low-voltage power supply system is mainly responsible for completing the tasks of power control, protection, conversion and distribution, and what carries its weight!


The cabinet frame of the distribution box is mainly welded or assembled and connected by screws. The cabinet frame and shell shall have sufficient mechanical strength and rigidity to withstand the mechanical stress and thermal stress generated by the installed components and short circuit. Therefore, we also need to consider to prevent the formation of magnetic paths sufficient to cause large eddy current loss. In order to ensure the anti-corrosion performance of the distribution box, we should use anti-corrosion materials or apply anti-corrosion layer on the exposed surface of the equipment. At the same time, we should also consider the use and maintenance of the strip.

Next Installation and line control of distribution box
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