How to equip distribution box safely?

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In the safe use of distribution box, there are many electronic parts, such as isolation switch, small circuit breaker, leakage protector and other related parts. In the distribution box, the isolation switch is usually used as the main switch of the incoming line to provide safety isolation function, while the small circuit breaker plays the role of overload and short circuit protection; Besides the function of small circuit breaker, the leakage breaker also has the function of leakage protection, which can protect the person from electric shock.


In the production of distribution box, whether the protection characteristics meet the requirements of the protected circuit, the selectivity of the upper and lower protection circuits and the installation characteristics of the components can play a reliable and safe protection role. In order to reduce the harm of temperature rise and harmonic wave, prolong the life of the line and reduce the risk of electric fire, it is very necessary to distribute the power in the separate circuit of the above large capacity household appliances.

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