How to improve the common faults of distribution box?

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In the last century, our daily electricity demand was not as big as it is now. Now, not only is our daily electricity demand, but also many mechanical equipment can not operate without it. When we use the distribution box, it will inevitably have faults, so when these faults occur, how can we improve it!


1. If a new column distribution stand is added, 2mm thick stainless steel plate can be selected when making the shell of the distribution box, and the size of the distribution box can be appropriately enlarged according to the proportion, so as to increase the electrical safety distance between the branch outgoing lines and between the outgoing lines and the shell of the box, which is conducive to the operation and maintenance of the agricultural electrician, the replacement of the molten parts, and the heat dissipation;


2. If the selection of residual current operated protector, it also needs to be selected according to the specific situation;


3. The protection circuit is used to prevent the external circuit failure of the power supply of the distribution box. Then we can choose da88cm-ii type motor open phase protection module, which is installed in the distribution box to prevent the motor from burning out due to low-voltage open phase operation.


4. And the selection of fuse. The rated current of the total over-current protection fuse at the low-voltage side of the distribution transformer shall be greater than the rated current at the low-voltage side of the distribution transformer, which is generally 1.5 times of the rated current. The rated current of the melt shall be determined according to the allowable overload multiple of the transformer and the characteristics of the fuse.


Of course, in addition to the above, when using the distribution box, there may be other problems that we have not encountered, which need to be further sorted out.

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