Principle and function of leakage protection switch for low voltage Small Power Distribution Board

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The Small Power Distribution Board is convenient for management and maintenance in case of circuit failure. The Small Power Distribution Board, distribution panel, etc. are complete sets of devices for centralized installation of switches, instruments and other equipment. Purpose of Small Power Distribution Board: of course, it is convenient to stop and send power, and plays the role of measuring and judging the stop and send power.


Today, let's learn about the leakage protection switch of the Small Power Distribution Board.


The leakage protection switch of Small Power Distribution Board not only has the leakage protection function, but also is the main function of the leakage protector to ensure personal safety by tripping when people touch electrified power; If the electrical equipment is poorly insulated and leaks electricity to the shell, the leakage protector will also trip to avoid electric shock caused by human touch. At the same time, it has current on-off function, overload protection and short-circuit protection function.


B. Operating principle of leakage protection switch


The working principle of the leakage protector of the Small Power Distribution Board consists of an iron core made of permalloy and a secondary coil wound on the annular iron core. The power phase line and neutral line pass through the circular hole to become the primary coil of the zero sequence transformer. The rear outgoing line of the transformer is the protection range.


C. Function of leakage protection switch


1. When electric leakage or grounding fault occurs to electrical equipment or lines, the Small Power Distribution Board can cut off the power supply before people touch it.


2. When the human body touches a charged object, it can cut off the power supply within 011s, so as to reduce the damage of current to the human body.


3. Low voltage Small Power Distribution Board can prevent fire accidents caused by electric leakage.

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