What are the technical implementation elements of Pole Top Box for Smart Meter?

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The Pole Top Box for Smart Meter is an important device in the power system and the final equipment of the power distribution system. It is convenient to place various protective equipment in the distribution box, such as the air switch to prevent overload, which can protect the lines and electrical equipment. All parts are gathered together to facilitate maintenance and inspection. It plays a very important role in the whole power industry.


The Pole Top Box for Smart Meter is often invaded by water. If water enters the distribution box from the top or inclines into the distribution box, the components of the distribution box will be immersed in water, resulting in short circuit of electrical equipment and failure of normal operation.


In order to solve the problem that rainwater drips vertically or obliquely from the top of the distribution box, the whole body of the distribution box is designed as a sealing structure in the prior art. Although the waterproof problem of the Pole Top Box for Smart Meter is solved to a certain extent, the heat dissipation problem of the distribution box is ignored.


The purpose of the technical realization elements of Pole Top Box for Smart Meter is to provide an outdoor distribution box with waterproof and heat dissipation functions. The utility model is realized through the following technical scheme: an outdoor power distribution box comprises a box body, the box body comprises a detachable inner box body and an outer box body, a cavity is arranged between the inner box body and the outer box body, and the inner wall of the cavity is paved with desiccant.


The bottom of the inner box of the low-voltage distribution cabinet is provided with heat dissipation holes and ventilation holes, and the lower part is provided with an isolation base. The interior of the isolation base is hollow, and the side is provided with an air vent, which is connected with the ventilation hole.


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