What are the factors affecting the operation of low voltage distribution box?

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The low-voltage distribution box can reasonably distribute electric energy and facilitate the opening and closing operation of the circuit. There are many factors that may affect the performance of the distribution box during daily equipment use, such as whether the daily maintenance measures are scientific and reasonable, the dust in the air, the temperature of the operating environment, whether the heat dissipation is good, and the vibration of the equipment itself.


The manufacturers of low-voltage distribution boxes will briefly introduce the main factors affecting the performance of distribution boxes.


1. Dust prevention of equipment: dust prevention must be paid attention to during the use of such equipment. The long-term accumulation of dust in the low-voltage distribution box will greatly reduce the heat dissipation function, resulting in the abnormal operation of fans and other components, resulting in certain noise. Therefore, in addition to taking certain dust-proof measures during the use of the equipment, it is also important for the daily cleaning of the equipment chassis.


2. Heat dissipation of equipment: whether the low-voltage distribution box can operate normally has a direct impact on the heat dissipation of equipment. If the heat dissipation is poor, the equipment may be paralyzed and unable to operate normally.


3. Vibration noise generated by equipment: the noise generated during the operation of low-voltage distribution box is mainly caused by the hardness of the box and the different connection modes of the box. If the material is thin, the chassis is not firm, and resonates with the built-in electronic equipment during use to produce noise. It may also cause the chassis to deform and cause the board to die on it. The chassis and cabinet with too light and thin plate have insufficient strength and are easy to deform, thus damaging the hardware. At the same time, the performance of the distribution box is affected due to the resonance noise of other parts.

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