Inspection method for tripping of Small Power Distribution Unit (SPDU)

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When using the Small Power Distribution Unit (SPDU), if there is a trip, we can first check whether there is a "soft breakdown" in the "socket" circuit at home. This judgment method is to use a 500V megger to check the insulation between "zero line" and "live line" after power failure, and the insulation resistance shall not be less than 0.5 megohm. In addition, remove the "zero line" and "live line" of the "socket" circuit in your home, and then connect it to any other switch with the same capacity in the distribution box. If this switch does not trip after switching on, there is a slight leakage in the "socket" circuit in your home. If the switch still trips after closing, it means that there is "soft breakdown" in the "socket" circuit at home. Then, check whether there is a problem with the leakage protection switch of the "socket" circuit in the home.

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