Why can't low voltage Ready Board Box be used in high temperature environment?

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The manufacturer of low-voltage Ready Board Box points out that the low-voltage Ready Board Box can not be used in high-temperature environment, because the use of low-voltage Ready Board Box in high-temperature environment will have the following adverse effects:


1. the electronic products in the low-voltage Ready Board Box, such as residual current operated protector, will seriously affect the service life of the product when operating at high temperature, and will also affect the stability of the protector performance, the reliability of action and the accuracy of measurement.


2. the service life of circuit breaker operating at high temperature will also be shortened. When the low-voltage Ready Board Box operates outdoors, it is not only exposed to the direct sunlight to generate high temperature, but also generates heat during operation. Therefore, in the high-temperature season in midsummer, the temperature in the box will reach more than +60 ℃. At this time, the temperature greatly exceeds the environmental temperature specified by these electrical appliances, which will cause the failure of the low-voltage Ready Board Box.


3. all kinds of low-voltage electrical apparatus are mostly a/ class insulation, and their limit allowable temperature rise during long-term operation is 65 ℃. The high temperature in the low-voltage Ready Board Box makes it difficult for the internal heat of the low-voltage electrical apparatus to radiate outward during operation, so it is burnt out due to insulation aging after a certain period of time; Plastic insulated wires will also be subject to thermal aging and breakdown.

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