Explanation of safety knowledge of Distribution Ready Board

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During the installation of the Distribution Ready Board produced by the Distribution Ready Board manufacturer, attention should be paid to the safety knowledge. What is the safety knowledge about it? Let's make a brief explanation for you today!


In fact, when using, the most important thing to pay attention to is to prevent the occurrence of electric leakage. Therefore, in daily life, it is necessary to strictly prevent short circuit or grounding of lines. During operation, insulating gloves and insulating tools should be provided, and relevant relay protection devices should be stopped before work. In addition, when connecting loads, circuit breakers must be installed, so that they can be better used and play their role in the process of use, Moreover, in case of power failure and secondary circuit during use, no switching operation can be carried out without the consent of professionals.


Through the above explanation, I believe you have a new understanding of this knowledge. When using it, you also need to pay attention to its maintenance. Only when it is well maintained, can it meet people's use requirements in the process of use.


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