Characteristics and precautions of home decoration Split Meter Ready Board

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The Split Meter Ready Board is very important in every household today, so it is necessary to maintain and clean it, and we should also pay attention to these items when cleaning and maintaining it, so as to avoid damage to the Split Meter Ready Board and ensure people's safety. The following describes the characteristics and precautions of home decoration Split Meter Ready Board.


1. The wiring in the Split Meter Ready Board shall be neat without splicing. The conductor shall be closely connected without damaging the core wire and without strands. The cross-sectional area of the wires pressed on both sides of the screw under the washer is the same, the wires on the same terminal are connected at least 2, the anti loose washer and other parts are complete, and the wires are closely connected;


2. Perpendicularity of Split Meter Ready Board: the box height is less than 50cm, and the allowable deviation is 1.5mm; The box height is more than 50cm, and the allowable deviation is 3mm. The embedded installation of the lighting box is firm, and the height from the bottom edge to the ground is 1.8m;


3. The switch in the Split Meter Ready Board operates flexibly and reliably, with the circuit of leakage protection. The action current of the leakage protection device is not more than 30mA, and the action time is not more than 0.1s;


4. In the lighting box, the busbar of zero line (n) and protective ground line (PE line) are set respectively, and the zero line and protective ground line are distributed through the busbar;


5. The metal frame of the Split Meter Ready Board must be reliably grounded (PE) or connected to neutral (pen); Open the door equipped with electrical appliances, and the grounding terminal of the door and frame shall be connected with bare braided copper wire and marked. The products produced by our company have always followed the principle of customer interests first. With high-quality products, good service and competitive prices, we warmly welcome your arrival and let us work together to create a better future!


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