Why Should Terminal Block Be Electroplated?

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In the process of terminal block production, it is very important to do a good job of electroplating. Only by doing a good job of electroplating can we ensure its good performance. So what should we pay attention to when electroplating the terminal? 1. 2. Corrosion protection: raw materials such as copper and iron are easy to oxidize in the air. Electroplating a layer of metal with strong oxidation resistance can improve the corrosion resistance of terminal blocks. 3. Improve the solderability. Because the adhesion of raw materials to tin is poor, the solderability of parts can be improved by electroplating tin with a certain thickness on the surface. 4. The conductivity of raw materials such as iron and phosphorus copper is usually below 20%, which can not meet the requirements for aviation plug connectors with low impedance requirements. Therefore, the impedance can be reduced after plating high conductivity metals such as gold on the surface. 5. Enhance the adhesion of electroplating. For the metal with poor adhesion, copper substrate should be laid before electroplating to enhance the adhesion. Therefore, the electroplating of terminal blocks can effectively improve its performance and better meet the needs of people.

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