What Are The Hazards Of Poor Terminal Block?

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If you want to play the role of the terminal block, it is very important to fix the terminal correctly. Only by doing a good job in fixing the terminal can its performance be brought into play. Then what are the hazards of poor fixation? 1. The poor contact of the terminal may be due to unreliable design, followed by the wrong material selection. Moreover, it is due to the improper selection of molding process, or due to heat treatment, mold and its assembly and fusion welding process quality, that is, it will be relatively poor, and the assembly is not in place, which will directly cause poor fixation. 2. The poor fixing of terminal blocks is due to poor matching size of positioning and locking, poor consistency in processing quality, and large total separation force, which will lead to poor interchangeability. 3. If the wiring terminal is not fixed properly, it will cause instantaneous power failure to a great extent. In fact, it means that the product is disassembled. If it is disassembled, it means that the terminal is in the plug-in state. Because of the material, design, process and other reasons, the structure will be unreliable, that is to say, the abnormal separation between the plug and socket, and between the pin and the jack will result in the serious consequences of the interruption of power transmission and signal control of the control system. Therefore, the harm of poor fixing terminal is very big, so we need to pay more attention.

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