What Are The Effects Of The Environment On The Terminal Blocks?

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The terminal block is an important material, which is well used in many places. In the process of using the terminal block, what influence does the environment have on the terminal? 1. The transportation environmental factors involve the problems caused by the vibration and collision caused by transportation vehicles and other mechanical devices, terminal pavement and operating tools in the operation process. Extreme temperatures often combine and exacerbate the effects of vibration and collision. 2. The heating environment from the factory to the warehouse is not controlled by the clean environment. In the case of high temperature, humidity or corrosion, the service life of the terminal will be seriously affected. 3. Reliability is a very important factor in business decision. From the point of view of quality engineer or reliability engineer, reliability should be defined as "the maximum possibility of continuous performance or zero failure operation under given conditions" or "some things in certain time intervals under certain conditions". High probability of normal operation during this period. Therefore, the influence of environment on the terminal is very obvious, so we should pay more attention to it in the process of using.

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