Appearance factors of terminal block

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Although the name "power terminal" doesn't sound beautiful, many companies believe that it plays an important role in product appearance and user friendliness. Power terminal blocks must be easy to install on site as they are often mounted on the front of the product panel that is easy to see. In this way, marketers often want to have a say in the appearance of power terminal products. But it often happens that the products designed by engineers meet all the mechanical and electrical parameters requirements, but they have to be changed because they do not meet the sales requirements. If this happens at the end of the design cycle (often when the marketing department first sees the prototype), then a heated debate is inevitable and can lead to higher costs and delivery delays. In many industrial control systems, the terminal block is one of the few components that technicians need to pay special attention to. Although its user interface is relatively simple (mainly screws), it is very important for the normal operation of the equipment. In general, as the current increases, the wires become thicker, and the torque required to fasten these thick wires to the terminal blocks also needs to be increased. As a result, the power terminals need larger screws and a stronger insulating enclosure. This is often the case in very compact terminal products. Some wires are larger than a quarter inch in diameter, so these small screws are difficult to handle. When technicians and maintainers need to install multiple wires, using large enough screws to simplify the wiring work can greatly save time. This is also the reason why it is so important for engineers to listen to the opinions of the marketing department as soon as possible in the design process. If terminals must be properly polished or colored, it is much easier to present these parameters as an original product requirement than to adjust them at the end of the development cycle. Welcome to our company. When terminals are used in consumer products (such as high-end stereo products), appearance becomes more and more important. In fact, some designers often specify that the terminal devices used for audio equipment should be gilded. Although this increases the cost and does not significantly improve the performance, gold plating does improve the appearance of the product.

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