What Are The Requirements Of The Terminal On The Ambient Temperature?

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In the actual use of terminals, the environmental requirements are relatively high, and the more obvious impact on the terminal is the ambient temperature, so let's learn about the environmental temperature requirements. The ambient temperature should be greater than - 5 ℃, and the ambient temperature should be lower than 40 ℃. The failure rate of terminals increases exponentially with the increase of temperature, and the service life decreases exponentially with the increase of temperature. If the ambient temperature increases by 10 ℃, the service life of terminals will be halved. Moreover, the reverse clearance of X, y, Z feed shafts and b axis should be detected with dial indicator every half a year, and necessary clearance compensation should be made again; every year, the main precision items of the machine tool should be rechecked according to the certificate of conformity. Use a dial indicator to check the reverse clearance status every half a year, and clean the filter once a year. Every half a year, check the wear of electrical parts contacts of the electric box and operation panel, the action sensitivity of limit switch, sensor and solenoid valve, as well as the firmness of terminal block and terminal screw. Therefore, the impact of ambient temperature on the terminal is very large, so more attention should be paid when using.

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