How does the electrical energy meter of Split Meter Ready Board work?

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The working principle of the electrical energy meter in the Split Meter Ready Board is that when the electrical energy meter is connected to the circuit, the magnetic flux generated by the voltage coil and the current coil passes through the disc. These magnetic fluxes are different in time and space, and eddy currents are induced on the disc respectively. Due to the interaction between the magnetic flux and eddy currents, the rotating torque is generated to make the disc rotate. Due to the braking effect of the magnetic steel, the rotating speed of the disc reaches a uniform speed.


The manufacturer of Split Meter Ready Board said that because the magnetic flux is in positive proportion to the voltage and current in the circuit, the disc moves at a speed proportional to the load current under its action. The rotation of the disc is driven to the metering device through the worm. The reading of the metering device is the actual electric energy used in the circuit.


Electronic electrical energy meter uses electronic circuit / chip to measure electric energy. In the Split Meter Ready Board, the voltage signal is changed into a small signal that can be used for electronic measurement by the voltage divider or voltage transformer, and the current signal is changed into a small signal that can be used for electronic measurement by the shunt or current transformer. The converted voltage and current signals are analog or digital multiplied by the special electric energy measurement chip, and the electric energy is accumulated, and then the pulse signal whose frequency is proportional to the electric energy is output; The pulse signal drives the stepping motor to drive the mechanical protractor display, or sends it to the microcomputer for digital display after processing.

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