What are the requirements for cleaning the Split Meter Ready Board?

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The line installation of Split Meter Ready Board is the key link in the installation process, and it is also a step that directly affects the normal power supply. Moreover, only by connecting the line according to the conventional connection mode, it can give full play to its normal performance. At the same time, it is also very important to clean the Split Meter Ready Board. The Split Meter Ready Board factory introduces the requirements for cleaning the equipment.


1. After the operator completes the power failure operation of the Split Meter Ready Board, the operator responsible for the cleaning of the low-voltage distribution cabinet needs to carry out power inspection and discharge. After the cleaning work is completed and accepted, the cleaning operator needs to carefully check and ensure that no foreign matters fall into the partnership and remain in the low-voltage distribution cabinet and installed low-voltage appliances. Only after the cleaning operator signs the power transmission permit can the operator send power.


2. The model of the Split Meter Ready Board and the low-voltage apparatus installed in the box shall be properly protected to prevent dust and other sundries from accidentally falling into the low-voltage apparatus during cleaning operation.


3. Clean the equipment and its installed low-voltage electrical enclosure without dust, which is the acceptance standard. During the acceptance, the acceptance personnel shall wear white gloves to touch the easily accessible parts such as the low-voltage distribution cabinet and its installed low-voltage electrical appliance shell. The acceptance standard is white and there is no dust on their hands.


4. The equipment shall be firmly installed on the support or foundation, and the height from the box bottom to the ground shall be 1.0m ~ 2.0m; It can be installed on the floor, concealed or exposed to the wall. The foundation of floor installation shall be 50 mm ~ 100 mm higher than the ground. When installed on the wall, the bottom is 1.4m above the ground. When installed on the wall, the bottom is 1.2m away from the ground.


5. In order to prevent some exposed devices in the cabinet from being covered by dust, if the moisture in the air is absorbed after being covered by dust, it will corrode some exposed devices, which may lead to failure phenomena such as reduced insulation, short circuit, long-time grounding, and even the risk of electric shock.


6. Split Meter Ready Board is an important part of power system, which is mainly used for the control and management of power system. Due to the particularity of its electrification, the protection requirements for the Split Meter Ready Board are also very high, so it should be waterproof and dustproof. Too many dust covers will lead to too high electrostatic current when the air is wet, resulting in the risk of electric shock during operation. Moreover, too many dust covers will cause corrosion to the box components of the device, which will greatly shorten the service life of the components.


The above is the requirements for cleaning the Split Meter Ready Board. It is generally used for household use, while the distribution cabinet is mostly used in centralized power supply, such as industrial power and construction power. Both belong to complete sets of equipment. The former belongs to low-voltage complete sets of equipment, and the latter has high-voltage and low-voltage.


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