What should be paid attention to when using the lighting Pole Top Box?

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Lighting Pole Top Box equipment is the equipment responsible for controlling, protecting, converting and distributing electric energy at the end of low-voltage power supply system. We should pay attention to the installation precautions when installing the Pole Top Box. What should we pay attention to when using the lighting Pole Top Box?


1. When increasing the load, it is necessary to consider whether the increased current exceeds the rated current of the control circuit breaker of the lighting Pole Top Box. If it exceeds, the circuit breaker with corresponding capacity needs to be replaced. Please turn off the power supply before replacing the circuit breaker and fix it firmly after replacement.


2. When replacing the circuit breaker, the rated current of the lighting Pole Top Box and the rated current of the load shall be comprehensively considered. The replaced circuit breaker shall still be installed according to the principle of upward operation and closing.


3. Residual current operated protector shall be tested at least once a month.


5. The cover of the lighting Pole Top Box shall be intact, and the cover shall be closed in time after operation.


We need to pay attention to these precautions when using the lighting Pole Top Box, which is conducive to our better use of it and prolong the service life of the Pole Top Box.

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