What are the maintenance requirements for the Distribution Board?

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During the operation and use of the Distribution Board, as long as it is operated according to the operating procedures, regularly maintained and daily maintained, it can maintain a good working state and reduce the probability of accidents. But in case the Distribution Board breaks down, what are our requirements for maintenance?


1. The power switching and protection inverter cabinet is equipped with a low-voltage molded case circuit breaker, which is connected to the incoming power supply, which can not only complete the connection and disconnection of the circuit, but also protect the short circuit and overload of the circuit and the frequency converter. And the power supply of the Distribution Board can be cut off during maintenance.


2. Start stop control function the panel of the variable frequency cabinet is equipped with a variable frequency start stop button to control the operation of the variable frequency device and facilitate field operation.


3. Frequency (speed) adjustment the frequency adjustment potentiometer is set on the panel of the frequency converter cabinet, which can conveniently manually adjust the output frequency of the frequency converter to control the speed of the motor.


4. The instrument display panel of the Distribution Board is equipped with voltmeter, ammeter, power indicator, alarm indicator, operation indicator, power frequency indicator and other indicators to monitor the input voltage, output current, output frequency and various working conditions of the frequency converter.


5. Standby power frequency switching users can select the frequency conversion cabinet with standby power frequency switching. When the frequency converter fails, the motor can be switched to the power frequency power supply through the automatic control circuit (manual / automatic can be selected, and the power frequency starting device greater than 15kw can select the soft starter).


6. The panel of the Distribution Board can set various control functions according to the system working conditions, such as forward rotation, reverse rotation, motor speed increase, motor speed decrease, inching forward rotation, inching reverse rotation, manual / automatic, emergency stop, frequency conversion / power frequency, PLC control, touch screen, etc.


7. Add peripherals. AC input reactor, output reactor, DC reactor and electromagnetic interference filter, braking unit, braking resistance, contactor, intermediate relay, thermal relay, programmable controller (PLC), programmable operation terminal (got), electric energy meter, cooling fan, etc. It can be installed in the inverter cabinet according to the working conditions.


8. Protection installing the frequency converter in the frequency converter cabinet can reduce environmental pollution, reduce the risk of electric shock, and better play a protective role.


9. Clean and beautiful install the frequency converter in the Distribution Board, which is consistent with the size and color of other low-voltage distribution cabinets, and keep the coordination between distribution facilities and control devices clean and beautiful.


These are the maintenance requirements for the Distribution Board. If you encounter a fault in the daily use of the Distribution Board, you can carry out maintenance according to the above requirements. We should not forget the daily maintenance of the distribution cabinet and try to avoid the failure of the distribution cabinet.


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