How to use the lighting Pole Top Box?

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Lighting Pole Top Box equipment is the equipment responsible for the control, protection, conversion and distribution of electric energy at the end of low-voltage power supply system. It is mainly composed of wires, components (including disconnectors, circuit breakers, etc.) and boxes. Next, the lighting Pole Top Box factory will show you how to use the lighting Pole Top Box?


1. The lighting Pole Top Box shall not be used outdoors or in places with damp and corrosive gases.


2. In order to ensure that the emergency light can be charged normally, a separate circuit shall be used for power supply.


3. The working state of lighting Pole Top Box shall be checked regularly.


4. If the emergency time is found to be less than the rated time, the battery needs to be replaced.


5. When it is in long-term storage and shutdown, it is necessary to charge and discharge regularly to ensure the performance of the battery.


It has various protective devices against electric leakage, electric shock, short circuit, overload and so on.


The surface of the lighting Pole Top Box adopts epoxy powder electrostatic spraying, which is uniform and beautiful, conducive to anti-corrosion, strong adhesion, good texture and comfortable appearance. The internal structural parts adopt galvanizing process, which has certain anti-corrosion ability.

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