How to understand the bus in the distribution cabinet?

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Today, the structure of the distribution cabinet should be complete and solid, but we must not be very familiar with the understanding of the distribution cabinet. Today, I will introduce you to the detailed structure of the distribution cabinet - bus. In the distribution cabinet, there are two kinds of buses: main bus and distribution bus. What are their meanings?


The main bus is also called horizontal bus, which connects one or several distribution buses and buses of incoming and outgoing units, while the distribution bus is also called vertical bus. A bus in the frame unit is connected to the main bus and supplies power to the outgoing units.


Rated current and specification of bus (current carrying capacity and cross section of bus), rated short-time withstand current ICW and rated peak withstand current ipk of bus:


ICW: root mean square value of short-time current that can be safely carried by bus under specified test conditions (usually 1s)


Ipk: the peak current that the bus can safely carry under the specified test conditions


For the surface treatment of bus, in order to meet some requirements, the bus surface shall be treated, such as silver plating, tin plating, nickel plating, etc. According to the above statements, I believe you should have a new understanding of the distribution cabinet!

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