How much do you know about the construction steps of energy-saving distribution cabinet?

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According to the energy-saving distribution cabinet we introduced earlier, we all know that the energy-saving distribution cabinet assembles the switchgear, measuring instruments, protective appliances and auxiliary equipment in the closed or semi closed metal cabinet or screen according to the electrical wiring requirements to form a low-voltage distribution device. During normal operation, the circuit can be connected or disconnected with the help of manual or automatic switches. However, how much do you know about the construction steps of energy-saving distribution cabinet? Today we'll take you to understand it!


1. The electric tubes in the energy-saving distribution cabinet shall be orderly arranged with one tube entering one hole, fixed with lock nut, and the pipe orifice shall be well treated and protected;


2. The ground wire and zero wire in the energy-saving distribution cabinet shall be connected through the busbar, and there shall be no more than two wires on each bolt, and the line color separation shall meet the specification requirements;


3. Cables shall be listed to indicate where they come from and where they go;


4. The cables are arranged neatly, fixed firmly, the process is beautiful, and the energy-saving distribution cabinet is clean and free of sundries;


5. The door of energy-saving distribution cabinet with electrical components shall be grounded, the board surface shall be clearly marked, clean and bright, the board surface shall be flat and the paint shall be complete;


6. The cable inlet of distribution cabinet shall be sealed for fire prevention.


The above is the construction essentials required for the distribution cabinet, which are an indispensable part in the construction of the distribution cabinet!

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