Although the distribution cabinet is inconspicuous, it can be of great use

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We use so much electricity today, and the demand for our distribution cabinet will gradually increase. Among them, the use of distribution cabinet has brought us more equipment protection functions. The distribution cabinet strictly adheres to the concept of quality in all links of design and manufacturing, and no carelessness is allowed. The exquisite production of distribution cabinet brings users different levels of distribution cabinet products to effectively help users complete different operation processes. Meet user satisfaction needs.


When the distribution cabinet is used in large power supply system, it will be divided into different levels to facilitate better distribution control. Generally speaking, there will be primary, secondary and low-level power distribution equipment in the power supply system.


The primary distribution cabinet is the power distribution center of the power supply system. They will be installed in the substation and be responsible for distributing electric energy to the secondary distribution cabinet. The function of primary distribution cabinet requires it to have high electrical parameters. Therefore, the structure of primary distribution cabinet is complex and the output circuit capacity is large.


The secondary distribution cabinet undertakes the distribution of electric energy from the primary distribution cabinet and distributes it to the nearby load. The secondary distribution cabinet is divided into power distribution box and motor control center. The application parts of the two are opposite. The power distribution box is used in the parts with few circuits and scattered loads, while the motor control center is used in the parts with many circuits and concentrated loads.


The low-level distribution cabinet is the lighting distribution box and power distribution box, which are scattered and small in capacity, and are responsible for controlling the low-level load distribution.


Therefore, when we use the distribution cabinet, it is good to choose what we need.

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