How does the outdoor waterproof distribution box have advantages?

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The outdoor waterproof distribution box, which is generally used outdoors, has high requirements for the sealing of the distribution box, and the overall return level to Shanghai is getting higher and higher. Many people think that the sealing is very important if the outdoor waterproof distribution box wants to do a good job in waterproof function. As long as it is completely sealed, there will be no problem, but it is not, The sealed design may not be able to achieve the waterproof effect. Even if the waterproof effect is achieved, it may not be very good for the overall operation of the outdoor waterproof distribution box.


We all know that when the distribution box is working, the components inside will produce a certain amount of heat. If these heat is not dissipated in time, the whole distribution box equipment will not work normally. So how can we not only have the effect of waterproof, but also make the distribution box operate normally?


The waterproof structure of the outdoor waterproof distribution box is basically the same as that of the house we live in, but there are inclined shutters from the inside to the outside! This design can not only effectively solve the heat dissipation problem of equipment in the distribution box, but also play a good rainproof effect!


Some small holes will be left at the bottom of the distribution box, so that in case of water entering the distribution box, it can be discharged in time, so as not to cause moisture damage to the equipment in the distribution box. Therefore, we should consider this carefully.

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