Chint distribution box provides better protection for safety

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In terms of purpose, the distribution box is generally for household use, in which the distribution box and distribution cabinet belong to complete sets of equipment, the distribution box belongs to low-voltage complete sets of equipment, and the distribution cabinet has high voltage and low voltage, and so does Chint distribution box.

Our Chint distribution box is made of pz30 (H) plastic panel type, with beautiful appearance and easy disassembly. The distribution box is reasonably arranged inside to facilitate user wiring and wiring. It is used for starting, overload, short circuit, leakage, undervoltage and protection in the modular miniature circuit breaker with AC 50Hz and rated voltage of 380220v!

Our company strives for survival by quality, development by brand, and provides our customers with excellent and reliable products and services with flexible production management mode and realistic and pragmatic working attitude, which greatly improves the safety level of low-voltage power consumption for our customers and brings better protection to people's safety and health.

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