How to install the CBI Ready Board?

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The installation of CBI Ready Board involves the safety of household electricity. Therefore, the Ready Board factory specially has knowledge of CBI Ready Board installation for everyone to prepare for a rainy day and have a clear understanding of CBI Ready Board. Be able to better understand the installation of CBI Ready Board.


1. The CBI Ready Board should be installed in a dry and ventilated place, without obstacles and convenient to use.


2. CBI Ready Board distribution box should not be installed too high. The general installation elevation is 1.8m for easy operation


3. The electric pipe entering the distribution box must be fixed with locking nuts.


4. If the CBI Ready Board needs to be perforated, the edge of the hole must be smooth and bright.


5. When the distribution box is installed on the wall, it should be vertical and horizontal, and a gap of 5-6 mm should be left at the edge


6. The wiring in the distribution box should be regular and tidy, and the terminal screws must be fastened.


7. The incoming line of each circuit must be of sufficient length without joints.

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