Grounding and protection device of Split Metered Distribution Board

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Split Metered Distribution Board is a common power distribution equipment in our life. It is used in many places, which facilitates our daily life. However, we should also pay attention to its safe operation in the operation and use of Split Metered Distribution Board. Here, the manufacturer of Split Metered Distribution Board will introduce it to you in detail.

The most important precautions for the use and operation of the Split Metered Distribution Board are to prevent electricity. First, strictly prevent short circuit or grounding of the line. During operation, wear insulating gloves and use insulating tools. Stop relevant relay protection devices before work. When connecting temporary loads, professional switches and fuses must be installed; Secondly, the protection of protective places. The staff who check the power failure and secondary circuit are not allowed to carry out any switching operation without the permission of the personnel on duty.

When working on all or part of the panels with points, the maintenance equipment and operating equipment should be separated by obvious signs. The secondary winding with current transformer and voltage transformer should have permanent and reliable protection. In order to reliably short-circuit the current transformer and secondary winding, short-circuit pieces and short lines must be used, and wire winding is prohibited.

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