Method of installing Ready Board with Bulkhead Light

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Ready Board with Bulkhead Light manufacturers tell us that Ready Board with Bulkhead Lights are used in many places, especially in families. How should we install household products in peacetime? Let's have a specific understanding!


When installing it, we still need to pay attention to many problems. Before installing it, we need to choose and buy the incoming line, which is generally four square meters. When installing it, we need to clearly know the design of the wiring diagram of the Ready Board with Bulkhead Light, and we can't confuse the zero line and the live line. Once the two are connected incorrectly, there will be no power supply, causing misunderstanding to people. If the connection is reversed, Then there will be leakage, because many zero lines are connected in the leakage switch, so after the switch is opened, there is no zero line but the live line.


Before installing the Ready Board with Bulkhead Light, be sure to buy all the equipment involved, and then measure the rated current and working voltage of the household circuit. Carry out the construction and installation through the wiring diagram of the Ready Board with Bulkhead Light, so that the whole process comes down, and the installation is also very convenient.

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