Teach you to find out the cause of the failure of the Split Meter Ready Board Box

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When we use the Split Meter Ready Board Box, the failure is inevitable, but we must understand the cause of the failure, so that its maintenance will be much more convenient. The following is the explanation of the Split Meter Ready Board Box manufacturer for its failure.


1. Faults caused by the influence of ambient temperature on low-voltage electrical appliances


When the Split Meter Ready Board Box is operated outdoors, it is not only exposed to the direct sunlight to produce high temperature, but also generates heat during operation. Therefore, in the high-temperature season in midsummer, the temperature in the box will reach more than 60 ℃, which greatly exceeds the specified ambient temperature of these appliances


2. Faults caused by product quality


Due to the large number of Split Meter Ready Board Boxes required and the short construction period, the Split Meter Ready Board Box factory needs the supply time and quantity of low-voltage electrical appliances, which leads to the phenomenon that the requirements for product quality are not strict, resulting in the failure of some products shortly after they are put into operation.


3. Faults caused by improper selection of electrical appliances in the Split Meter Ready Board Box


Due to the improper selection of circuit breaker current during manufacturing, circuit breakers with the same current are installed for different outgoing circuits, but the current level of some outgoing circuit breakers cannot be increased by one current level selection based on the normal selection model

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