Low voltage non-standard ready board: the following three points are very important

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In order to ensure the safety of low-voltage non-standard ready board and the surrounding environment, we must carry out special design for low-voltage non-standard ready board. What are the principles? What standards need to be met? Let's interpret it for you.


The first is that our low-voltage non-standard ready board needs to have good insulation. This principle is a factor to be considered first. In fact, the main purpose of using ready board is insulation flying to prevent high-voltage and low-voltage wires from touching people and causing danger. Therefore, sufficient measures must be taken to ensure its insulation.


The second is to have good flame retardancy. The characteristics of flame retardancy are similar to that of insulation. Flame retardancy is an important measure to ensure safety. Especially for high-voltage lines, improper operation may lead to short circuit or other problems, resulting in fire, and flame retardancy can stifle this sign and improve safety.


Good is to have good corrosion resistance. Many ready boards are used in the external environment or in a dark and humid environment. Therefore, the material requirements for the ready board are higher. It must have good corrosion resistance, so as to ensure the service life of the whole ready board and the safety of internal lines.


Therefore, the importance of the above three points can be imagined. Its absolute point is insulation, flame retardant and corrosion resistance.

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