The advantages of installing GCS complete switchgear outweigh the disadvantages

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The comprehensive use of GCs complete switchgear is less expensive and easy to maintain; However, it has many outgoing circuits and high cost; Compared with the outgoing circuit, the fixed type occupies more land. If the customer provides too few places to make the fixed type, we can also change it to the drawer type. For the installation of GCs complete switchgear, the distribution cabinet factory recommends the form of opening on the rear door panel, but their advantages and disadvantages are as follows:




It is more time-consuming than installing in the power distribution drawer


Large space for site construction changes




The route is relatively long


You can only check the meter behind the cabinet


The metering level transformer still needs to be installed in the distribution drawer (outlet end or front end)


So no matter what is in good condition, you will always find its shortcomings in the process of use.

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