How about the carbon brush regulator? Is its quality reliable?

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    We all know that when the voltage is unstable, or when the voltage is too low, it has a great impact on the normal work of the equipment. For example, the large fluctuation of electricity will directly cause damage to the equipment or reduce the service life. For voltage instability, I believe that users know the need to add a voltage regulator to stabilize the voltage. For the regulator, the cost is the lowest, and the cost-effective regulator is not a carbon brush regulator. So, how long can the carbon brush of the brush regulator last compared with the contactless regulator?

    Because of the unstable voltage, the carbon brushes in the carbon brush regulator will be adjusted up and down in the transformer and there will be machine friction, so the carbon brushes in the general carbon brush regulator will have a service life. How long a carbon brush can be used in a carbon brush regulator depends entirely on the frequency and magnitude of voltage fluctuation in the environment. If the frequency of voltage fluctuation is higher, the carbon brushes will be adjusted back and forth more, so the friction of carbon brushes will be faster, the voltage fluctuation will be greater, and the wear of carbon brushes will be greater. So how long the carbon brushes of carbon brush regulator can be used depends entirely on the voltage stability of the environment. The quality of carbon brushes in carbon brush regulators also has a direct bearing on how long carbon brushes can be used. Therefore, consumers can also purchase voltage regulators through their own needs.

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