Where are three-phase regulators commonly used? What's the difference between a single-phase voltage regulator and a single-phase voltage regulator?

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    Where are three-phase regulators generally applicable? Is every place suitable? Of course not. Choosing the right application scope can make it play a greater role. Here are some of its application areas.

    Three-phase voltage regulators are still widely used in some large areas such as transportation, post and telecommunications, radio and television, computer systems and so on. In addition, in some areas where the accuracy of data is relatively high, such as computer system injection molding, CNC machine tools and various motors, medical equipment such as imported CT machines, various elevators supporting special models, etc. can also make it play its role and serve people's production.

    In fact, compared with other types of regulators, its scope of application is quite wide. With the improvement of its manufacturing technology, I believe it will have a wider range of applications.

    Single-phase voltage regulator in China generally refers to 220 V input and output, general input and output lines are zero line and fire line, then add ground line and three lines as input and output phases. Single-phase voltage regulators are generally used in low-power appliances, such as household appliances, office appliances, small experimental equipment and so on.

    Three-phase voltage regulator, generally known to users who know about the circuit, three-phase electricity generally refers to industrial electricity 380V. Its input and output wiring are generally connected by three fire lines, three-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire, three-phase five-wire and so on.

    The difference between the two is that the input and output voltage and the number of access lines are different, and the internal structure and consumption are also different. In use, the single-phase voltage regulator only supplies power to single-phase electrical appliances, while the three-phase voltage regulator can supply power to three-phase electrical appliances. It can also provide single-phase power supply for special requirements of factories in production.

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