What occasions are AC regulators commonly used?

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    Regulators can be installed on all power supply devices. Regulators can be divided into two categories: single-phase 220V and three-phase 380V regulators. Single-phase voltage regulators are generally used in household appliances, school computer rooms, hotels or offices of small and medium-sized enterprises. High-power industrial grade three-phase 380V regulator is generally used in factory equipment, large-scale industrial equipment and so on. Pressurizer, as its name implies, is to play a role in stabilizing the voltage. When the voltage is high or low, it can make the output of the voltage adapt to the power supply equipment you use.

    In this paper, we will focus on the stable development of industrial SBW series voltage regulators in the use of occasions. The so-called industrial voltage regulator, whose power is generally more than 50 KW, can be used in industrial fields: such as power plants, industrial automation equipment, semiconductor equipment, manufacturing and control equipment, SMT/PCB/AI and other precision equipment, CNC center/CNC equipment, automatic testing equipment, product development, electronic testing. Instruments, plant-wide equipment, etc. Electronic communication field: such as optical communication, cable television system, network management services, enterprise internal communication network, ADSL, Unix server and workstation, satellite communication equipment, wireless communication, mobile communication base station, etc. Computer and peripheral equipment: such as industrial computer, control room, CAD/CAM/CAE Workstations, data storage systems, data processing centers, etc. Other fields: such as medical CT machines, color Doppler ultrasound machines, medical monitoring equipment, petrochemical industry, elevators and escalators, gas stations, optoelectronic industry, industrial and mining enterprises, oil fields, railways, highway tunnels, construction sites and other fields requiring power supply to stabilize voltage. Institute.

Next Classification of AC Voltage Regulators
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