Installation steps of AC regulator

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    Voltage regulator: It is divided into AC voltage regulator (AC voltage regulator) and DC voltage regulator (DC power supply). So, is the installation of AC voltage regulator complicated? Today we will talk about the installation steps of AC voltage regulators.

    1. First of all, the AC regulator is input to the distribution board and fitted with a suitable fuse to ensure the safety of electricity use.

    2. Connect the power supply of the electrical equipment to the output terminal of the regulator, and the rated input voltage value of the electrical equipment should be consistent with the output of the AC regulator.

    3. Turn on the power switch and turn on the working indicator. After observing the normal indication value of the voltmeter, the power switch of the electrical equipment can be turned on. The voltage regulator can automatically adjust the voltage and supply the power normally.

    4. If the electric equipment is not used for a long time, please turn off the power switch to reduce power consumption and prolong the service life of AC regulator.

    5. When electing inductive load equipments with refrigerators, air conditioners and other motors, AC regulators with more than three capacities should be selected to avoid starting current exceeding the fuse current of the regulator or or overcurrent protection circuit breaker current, so as to make the fuse fuse or circuit breaker trip or voltage drop too large to work.

    6. The conductor connected with the regulator should have sufficient load surface to prevent heating and reduce pressure drop.

    7. After connecting all input/output lines, it is necessary to turn off the power switch of the load first, then turn on the AC regulator, check the normal output voltage, then turn on the power switch of the load (the regulator is strictly forbidden to start with load).

    8. When using carbon brush AC regulator, be sure to maintain it regularly in order to avoid major failures.

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