Can the service life of equipment with three-phase regulator be prolonged?

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    With the rapid development of society, power consumption is increasing day by day, and the demand for power equipment is also getting higher and higher. If the power transmission and distribution facilities are aging and lagging behind, or poorly designed and insufficient power supply, it will cause the voltage of end users to be too low and the voltage of end users to be too high. Especially for electrical equipment, especially for high-tech and precision equipment with strict voltage requirements, it seems that there is no insurance. Therefore, three-phase voltage regulator appeared to realize voltage stabilization and multi-functional comprehensive protection of electrical equipment. Effectively avoid the instability of the voltage will cause fatal damage to equipment or misoperation, prevent the impact of production, resulting in delays in delivery, quality instability and other losses.

    Nowadays, three-phase voltage regulator is widely used in power supply equipment of telecommunication, electric power, transportation, chemical industry, finance and medical industry. Through 20 years'development and innovation, the compensation series products have formed considerable production capacity, and the product structure, quality and other aspects have been rapidly developed, which has become today's great. Power regulator is one of the mainstream products. Energy saving and high efficiency is one of the indispensable factors for the sustainable development of voltage regulators. Based on the current situation of power supply in China and taking energy saving and high efficiency as the first task, Wenfa has developed a series of fully automatic compensated three-phase voltage regulators of SBW series. The series of products adopt compensatory technology, which has the advantages of large capacity, high efficiency, waveform distortion, stable voltage regulation, etc. They are suitable for wide load range, can withstand instantaneous overload, can work continuously for a long time, manual/automatic switching, and have functions of over-voltage protection, phase-gap protection, phase sequence protection and automatic mechanical fault protection. It is compact in size, reliable in performance, convenient in use and maintenance, and has the new quality of energy saving and high efficiency. It can be widely used in post and telecommunications, shopping malls, hospitals (CT machine, DCS, X-ray machine), school scientific research, construction engineering equipment (elevator, automatic control system, central air conditioning) and other units.

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