Can the neutral line and ground line of the Small Power Distribution Board be shared

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1、 According to the power installation specification, the neutral line and ground wire in the Small Power Distribution Board must not be connected together.


2、 If the neutral line and the ground line are connected together, the leakage cannot be detected, and there are potential safety hazards, which will also cause the circuit breaker to fail to power on. When the external neutral line is broken, the ground wire will be charged, and when the ground wire is bad, the housing of household appliances will be charged, which is very dangerous.


3、 Although the neutral line is also grounded, it is essentially different from the grounding position on electronic equipment and three position plug and socket. The neutral line grounding is the loop ground of the power supply line, which is called the power supply ground. However, the grounding point on the electronic equipment and the three position plug socket belongs to the protective ground. The difference between them is that when the end of the neutral line and the ground is broken or poorly contacted, the neutral line will turn into a live line and be powered on. If you connect the neutral line and the ground line together, the neutral line converted into a live line will be transmitted to the outer shell of the equipment through the ground line connected to it, so that the electronic equipment as a whole will be powered on, which is easy to cause an electric shock accident.


4、 The ground wire is only connected to the shell of household appliances and then connected to the ground. When electric leakage occurs in the electrical appliances, if the exposed core of the power line contacts the shell of electronic equipment, the shell will be charged. If there is no or no ground wire, people will have an electric shock accident when touching these household appliances through the human body. After the ground wire is connected, the electricity leaked to the shell will be transferred from the ground wire to the ground, At this time, when people touch electrical appliances, there will be no telex to people, which will not cause an electric shock accident.


Therefore, the ground wire is a protective ground wire. Unlike the neutral wire, the two cannot be connected together.

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