Why to choose FRP meter box?

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Glass fiber reinforced plastic meter box has beautiful design, smooth lines, transparent and clear box cover, reasonable layout of table position and electrical components in the box. It can be hot discussed to install various types of electrical components, collection and reading collector, etc. The box cover adopts three-way hook to push and connect the box body. A special lead sealing screw device is set in the middle of the lower part of the box cover. The lower part of the box cover is fixed and interlocked with the box body with the lead sealing screw and padlock. Only the electric management personnel can open it with the special lead sealing screw wrench and key. The full transparency of the box cover is convenient for the electric pipe personnel to read clearly, copy and directly observe all kinds of abnormal phenomena in the box in time. So as to eliminate the hidden dangers of the electric clock in advance and realize the management goal of "safe use of electricity, prevention first". So let's take a look at the specific advantages of FRP meter box manufacturers.

1. High cost performance, saving refit cost, saving installation cost, saving maintenance cost.

2. Anti UV keyword optimization ranking, not easy to aging, longer service life than similar plastic products.

3. Easy to operate, easy to work (standard model tool), easy to install (light weight)

4. Fiberglass meter box is light in weight: it has a wider use space.

5. Glass fiber reinforced polyester (SMC) distribution box, produced by molding process, suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

6. High temperature resistance: suitable for various temperature conditions (- 50 ℃ to + 150 ℃).

7. Baidu SEO optimization is a whole assembly. The advantage of this structure is that the damaged parts can be replaced at a lower cost.

8. The product quality is stable.

9. Corrosion protection: internal and external corrosion from conventional to extreme provides complete protection.

10. Complete insulation: to protect the conductivity of the medium.

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