How to improve the distribution box?

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Improvement plan of distribution box:

1. Adopt protection circuit to prevent external circuit fault of power supply of distribution box. For example, da88cm-ii motor phase loss protection module (Shanghai Product) can be installed in the distribution box to prevent the motor from burning due to low-voltage phase loss operation.

2. Improve the wiring mode of the low-voltage capacitor bank of the original distribution box, and change its installation position from the pile head on the AC contactor to the connection between the low-voltage incoming line of the distribution box and the meter. In order to prevent the inaccurate measurement of the metering device due to the phase failure of the capacitor circuit or the damage of the capacitor in operation. In addition, the capacitor selection model shall be bsmj series products to ensure reliable and safe operation of components.

Next Qualified Manufacturers Of Stainless Steel Distribution Box Shall Meet These Conditions.
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