Transparent Meter Box Must Be Maintained Regularly

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Today, the manufacturer of the meter box summarized the maintenance of the transparent meter box, hoping to help you. First of all, for users, it can save electricity expenses. Users can make full use of the difference between peak and valley electricity prices to customize their own power consumption scheme, so as to use the same electricity and spend the least money.

Instructions for maintenance of transparent meter box: the majority of residents shall properly keep the meters to ensure the normal payment of electricity. According to the power supply business rules, after the installation of the meters, the customers shall bear the following responsibilities:

1. After the electric energy meter is installed, it shall be properly protected;

2. It is not allowed to pile up items in front of the meter that affect the accuracy and safety of meter reading or measurement;

3. Do not open the seal of measuring cabinet, box and meter;

4. In case of loss, damage or over load burning of the billing energy meter, the power supply enterprise shall be informed in time; in case the billing energy meter appears or breaks down due to the responsibility or force majeure of the power supply enterprise, the power supply enterprise shall be responsible for replacing the meter without charge; in case of other reasons, the compensation or repair fee shall be borne.

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