Stainless Steel Distribution Box Rusted. What's The Situation?

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Stainless steel distribution box belongs to a kind of distribution box, and the name comes from its material. So, how can the stainless steel distribution box rust? This problem, a customer who has been bothering me for the past two days, has always thought that the quality of the stainless steel distribution box produced by our factory has problems. Fortunately, it has been explained clearly later, otherwise our factory is likely to suffer some losses. So why is the stainless steel distribution box rusty? Next, the manufacturer of Mingya electrical distribution box will explain to you.

For most of my friends, I think stainless steel is not rusty. In fact, it's only relatively speaking. You should know that stainless steel is not the "King Kong is not bad body", it is just a strong corrosion resistance, relatively less prone to corrosion. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel mainly depends on the content of chromium. When the content of chromium in stainless steel reaches 12%, chromium can spontaneously form a thin passivation film in the atmospheric environment or oxidation environment to prevent further oxidation and corrosion, so it will not rust in daily use. However, corrosion may occur when acid, alkali, salt (the influence of alkali on stainless steel is relatively weak) or passivation film is damaged.

Like my customers, the stainless steel distribution box it purchased is mainly used for outdoor, more importantly, it is close to the sea, and the service life is relatively long, so this scene can be seen. Here, the power distribution box manufacturer reminds you that stainless steel will rust, and the root installation environment has a lot to do with it. If the environment is bad, the state of rust is also normal. Friends must pay attention!

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