What should be paid attention to in the inspection and installation of Ready Board?

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The use of Ready Board is not only the daily management of power grid, convenient for future maintenance work, and improve user safety. Therefore, Ready Board has been widely used in various enterprises, comprehensive office buildings and residential areas, especially in the realization of power reform. Many users install prepaid electricity meters, which provides a broader market demand space for the installation and use of Ready Board.


1. The box is installed.


2. The air openings, wiring and wiring straps in the box have been prepared to meet the design drawings and the installation requirements of the Ready Board.


Install the guide rail in the box


The guide rail shall be installed horizontally and match with the open operation hole of the cover plate


3. Open and install the box


4. During unpacking and installation, pay attention to the position of the installation hole above the box cover to ensure that the unpacking position is reserved on the box cover. Secondly, the installation of switches shall be arranged from left to right, and the reserved position of switches shall be full position.


6. The reserved space is generally placed on the right side of the Ready Board. In the first row, a complete slot is reserved between the main slot and the split slot of the first row.


Inspection and installation of household Ready Board


1. The installation of Ready Board is the power supply of the whole power system. The distribution, protection and transmission of electric energy at each use point ensure the safety of the whole project. As the main part of the installation department, the installation quality and wiring of the Ready Board directly affect the quality of the whole department, and ultimately affect the use function and power safety.


2. The appearance of household Ready Board shall be free of damage and deformation, and the paint shall be intact. Electrical equipment and components, insulating porcelain are complete without damage, crack and other defects. Before installation, check whether the number of Ready Boardes is consistent with the installation position, and check the box number and circuit number according to the design drawing. The box door shall be grounded with soft copper braided wire and special terminal. The wiring in the box shall be neat and meet the design requirements and acceptance specifications.


3. Protective (i.e. closed) switchgear refers to the low-voltage switchgear with all sides closed except the installation surface. The switch, protection and monitoring electrical components in the cabinet are installed in a closed steel or insulating material box, and installed reliably outside the wall or outside the wall. Isolation measures shall not be taken between circuits in the box, and grounding metal plate or insulating plate shall not be used for isolation. Usually, the door and the main switch are mechanically interlocked. In addition, there is a protective desktop switchgear (i.e. console), which is equipped with control, measurement, signal and other electrical appliances. The protection switch cabinet is mainly used as the power distribution device at the process site.


4. Fixed panel switchgear is often called distribution board or distribution panel. It is an open switch cabinet panel blocking. The front has a protective effect, and the back and side can also contact live parts. The protection level is low. It can use the continuity and reliability required by only low industries and mining enterprises to make the substation room centralized power supply.


5. Drawer type switch cabinet. The switch cabinet is made of steel plate into a closed shell, and the electrical components of the incoming and outgoing circuit are installed in a drawer that can be pulled out to form a functional unit that can complete a certain power supply task. Between the functional unit and the bus or cable, the functional board made of grounding metal or plastic is separated to form the bus, functional unit and cable. There is also isolation between each functional unit. Drawer type switch cabinet has high reliability, safety and interchangeability. It is a more advanced switch cabinet in China at present. At present, most of the switch cabinets produced are drawer type switch cabinets. It is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises and high-rise buildings with high power supply reliability as the centralized control distribution center.


6. Power supply and lighting control box. Mostly closed vertical installation. Due to different use occasions, the protection grade of the shell is also different.

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