How to correctly replace the circuit breaker during the circuit transformation of the Ready Board?

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If we carry out circuit transformation at home and replace the circuit breaker in the Ready Board, how should we correctly replace the circuit breaker at home?

I Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to cut off power Safety protection measures must be taken. The safety protection measures here refer to wearing qualified insulating shoes and qualified insulating gloves. Only in this way can live operation be allowed under certain conditions. At the same time, another electrician must be nearby to take care of it. Otherwise, one person is not allowed to operate with electricity

II Live replacement of the main air switch in the home decoration Ready Board and the specific operation when replacing the main switch in the home Ready Board: the circuit breaker we replaced is the main switch in the home. Then the power supply must be from the outdoor meter box. At this time, on the premise of wearing insulating protective articles,

First, remove the wire from the circuit breaker. Then put the two wires aside where they are not easy to touch.

The second step is to remove the outgoing line at the lower port of the circuit breaker from the circuit breaker. The operation is very simple, that is, loosen the screw with a cross screwdriver and take it down.

The third step is to use a slotted screwdriver to toggle the latch under the circuit breaker. In this way, the circuit breaker can be removed from the slide.

The fourth step is to reinstall a new circuit breaker on the slide in the Ready Board in the reverse order above. Then you can start wiring. When wiring, similarly, we should connect the outgoing line first. Remember to make sure the switch is off at this time. Then connect the incoming line. This completes the replacement of this circuit breaker.

Next Standard for conductor connection of Ready Board
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