The wiring layout of lighting Pole Top Box shall avoid the influence of

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The wiring skills and layout of lighting Pole Top Box are also very important to the external environment. Then, what effects of the external environment should we avoid when arranging the lines of the lighting Pole Top Box?


The correct circuit configuration scheme of lighting Pole Top Box can save time and circuit, which requires us to master certain technologies and skills, and wiring according to these skills in order to achieve good results.


1. The influence of external heat source thermal effect shall be avoided.


2. During use, damage caused by water intrusion or entering group objects shall be prevented.


3. The influence of external mechanical damage shall be prevented.


4. The influence of large amount of dust on wiring shall be avoided.


5. Damage caused by strong sunlight radiation should be avoided.


The layout of lighting Pole Top Box and equipment shall follow the principles of reliability, applicability and economy, and shall be convenient for installation, operation, handling, maintenance, test and monitoring. When necessary, there are appropriate distances and passageways between high-voltage electrical equipment and low-voltage electrical equipment in the same room and between power distribution cabinets arranged in rows.


Necessary protective measures shall be taken during power distribution of lighting Pole Top Box. Exposed electrified bodies with potential hazards shall be shielded or placed out of the reach of people. When shields and covers are difficult to use, barriers can be used for protection.


The lighting Pole Top Box room shall be located close to the middle of the load, where there is less dust, less corrosive medium, dry and slight vibration, and appropriate room for development shall be reserved.


Lighting Pole Top Box equipment is the equipment responsible for the control, protection, conversion and distribution of electric energy at the end of low-voltage power supply system. It is mainly composed of wires, components and boxes.


The lighting Pole Top Box is a basic distribution device that reasonably combines the residual current action protector and air switch to realize the centralized control of household power supply and the protection functions of grounding, overload and short circuit. There are also bus protection ground wire and neutral wire to facilitate the connection of various low-voltage distribution systems.

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