Standard for conductor connection of Ready Board

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Today, the manufacturer of Ready Board will introduce the standard of wire connection of Ready Board

1. The minimum cross-sectional area of the insulated conductor of the distribution board shall be 1.0mm2. For low-level electronic circuits, conductors with a cross-sectional area of less than 1.0mm2 are allowed (but not less than the requirements of the electronic equipment manufacturer for the cross-section of the installed conductor). When the cross-sectional area is not greater than 8mm2, the bending radius shall be greater than 3 times of its outer diameter. Transition conductors of movable parts such as distribution boards and panels shall have sufficient windability.

2. The insulation of connecting wires shall be resistant to moisture, mildew and flame retardation, and its insulation voltage grade is: when the line working voltage is less than or equal to 100V, the insulation voltage grade shall be greater than or equal to 250V; When the line working voltage is greater than 100V and less than or equal to 450V, the insulation voltage level shall be greater than or equal to 500V.

3. The wiring shall be arranged in order, clear and beautiful, and the conductor insulation shall be good without damage.

4. External wiring shall not cause additional stress inside the appliance.

5. The wiring shall be carried out according to the terminal mark.

6. The minimum diameter of single circuit wire entering circuit breaker and leakage switch is 1.0mm2.

7. The minimum wire diameter of single main circuit is 1.0mm2.

8. The wire core of multi strand copper core wire with section of 2.5mm2 and below shall be tightened and tinned first, or the terminal shall be crimped, and then connected with the terminal of equipment and appliances.

9. The minimum wire diameter of control line power jumper is 1.0mm2.

10. The conductor shall be correctly connected to the designated terminal in strict accordance with the drawing.

11. The minimum diameter of control line is 1.0mm2.

12. The minimum wire diameter from panel control circuit to base plate is 1mm2.

13. 1.0mm2 yellow wire is used for panel spare wire.

14. Lighting wire: 0.75mm2.

15. Multi core flexible cord for control line from panel to base plate.

16. Soft and hard wires for backplane wiring. 

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