How can the distribution box be connected

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When we use the distribution box, we need to consider how the distribution box can be connected, especially when we use the distribution box at home. If you are installing it temporarily, then we need to know more about the lines it is configured with. The distribution box is to provide low voltage for the circuit system, and to carry out circuit protection conversion for the end of the system. This is the distribution box.


When wiring the distribution box, we need to connect the live wire of the leakage switch to the main switch of the household, and connect the live wire to the switches of each room, because the zero line is public, so we need to separate it to each room. When wiring the distribution box, you need to see clearly the design of the wiring diagram of the household distribution box. Don't confuse the zero line with the live line. If the two lines are connected incorrectly, there will be no power supply and give people misunderstanding. In fact, whether they are connected correctly or reversely, because of the function of the leakage switch, the zero line and the live line will act, Because many zero lines are connected together in the residual current switch, after the switch is opened, there is no zero line, only the live line. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the problem of the live line and the wrong connection of the zero line. As for how to distinguish the two, don't make a mistake, we can also look at the residual current switch.

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