What Determines The Price Of Terminal Blocks?

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The price of products is a very important reference for both users and manufacturers. According to different price positioning, we can see the product level and market situation. Manufacturers not only depend on materials and production, but also refer to the market. The first is the material problem. Each product needs materials, and different materials and different processing technologies will directly lead to different costs. Therefore, in terms of product cost, material processing technology and labor cost determine the majority of the product price, which is one of the reasons why the prices of different enterprises of the same product are far different. Service fee is also one of the influencing factors of product price, because the product is not finished when it is produced and sold out, but also needs to provide later service. In many cases, the later service fee will be evenly distributed to the unit price of the product, so the service fee is also one of the factors of product price. Brand value. If an enterprise can achieve quality and quantity assurance, after-sales and long-term adherence, then its influence in the industry will be no scale, and the later brand value will be gradually reflected in the price

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