Summary Of Terminal / Terminal Block Connection Technology

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Terminal is a common product of connection accessories in industrial automation industry. It has a wide range of types and complete functions, and has absolute advantages in the field of wire connection and signal transmission. Termination mode refers to the connection mode of terminal contact pair with wire or cable. Reasonable selection of connection mode and correct use of termination technology is also an important aspect of using and selecting plastic terminal blocks. Soldering is the most common type of soldering. The most important thing of solder joint is to form metal continuity between solder and the surface to be welded. Therefore, the solderability is very important for the connection terminals and cold pressed terminals. Tin alloy, silver and gold are the most common coatings on the welding end of ring terminals. The common welding ends of reed contact are welding plate, punching welding plate and notch welding plate; the common welding end of pin hole contact is drilling arc notch type. Crimping and crimping is a technique to compress and displace the metal within the specified limit and connect the conductor to the contact pair. Good crimping connection can produce mutual melting flow of metal, which makes the conductor and contact deform symmetrically to the material. This kind of connection is similar to cold welding connection, which can obtain better mechanical strength and electrical continuity, and can withstand worse environmental conditions. At present, it is generally believed that proper crimping is better than tin soldering, especially in the case of high current. Special crimping clamp or automatic and semi-automatic crimping machine shall be used for crimping. The conductor barrel of contact pair should be selected correctly according to the cold pressing terminal and cold pressing end conductor cross section. It should be noted that the crimp connection is permanent and can only be used once. Wire wrapping is to wind the wire directly on the contact winding column with edges and corners. During winding, the conductor is wound under the control of tension, pressed into and fixed at the edge and corner of the contact winding column to form air tight contact. There are several requirements for wire wrapping: the nominal value of conductor diameter shall be within 0.25 mm ~ 1.0 mm; when the diameter of conductor is not greater than 0.5 mm, the elongation of conductor material shall not be less than 15%; when the diameter of conductor is greater than 0.5 mm, the elongation of conductor material shall not be less than 20%. The tools for winding include winding gun and fixed winding machine. Puncture connection, also known as insulation displacement connection, is a new terminal technology invented by the United States in the 1960s. It has the characteristics of high reliability, low cost and easy to use. At present, it has been widely used in various printed circuit board terminals, cold pressed terminals, cold pressed terminals and circular ring terminals. It is suitable for the connection of ribbon cable. When connecting, it is not necessary to strip the insulation layer of the cable. The tip of the U-shaped contact spring of the terminal block is inserted into the insulation layer, so that the conductor of the cable slides into the slot of the contact spring and is clamped, thus forming a close electrical connection between the cable conductor and the terminal spring. It only needs simple tools, but must choose the cable with specified wire gauge. Screw connection screw connection is the connection mode of screw type terminal block. Lianjie electric reminds you to pay attention to the maximum and minimum cross-section of the allowable connecting wire and the maximum tightening torque of screws of different specifications.

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