What Are The Advantages Of Terminal Block?

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Terminal blocks are well used in many industries, which can be said to provide a lot of convenience for the production of enterprises. In the actual use process, what are the advantages of terminal blocks? Let's learn about it.

1. The voltage drop of contact point is also one of the methods to identify the quality of terminal blocks. Even if a small force distance is applied to the screw, the value of voltage drop is still much lower than the limit required by vde0611. At the same time, the applied torque varies in a wide range, and the voltage drop is almost unchanged. Therefore, although the torque used by different operators is different, the connection quality will not be affected.

2. Large contact surface, high contact pressure, and any lateral contact; with self-locking, anti-seismic, anti loose function; can install test jack without maintenance; contact point is absolutely airtight and corrosion-resistant; multi strand wire is allowed to be directly connected without crimping the end; easy to use.

3. In the terminal, the contact force is one of the basic elements. If there is not enough contact pressure, no matter how good the conductive material is, it will not help. Because, if the contact force is too low, there will be displacement between the conductor and the conductive sheet, which will produce oxidation pollution, increase the contact resistance and cause overheating. The actual contact force of up to 750N can be produced by only applying 0.8nm torque to the screw, and the force has nothing to do with the conductor section. Therefore, weidm ü ller wire frame has a permanent connection which is not affected by any environment, with large contact area and large contact force. Therefore, the function of the terminal is very powerful, so it is a good choice for people and has been widely used in various industries.

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